Welcome to MEFIT! MEFIT is a Microarray Experiment Functional Integration Technology. Given any amount of microarray data, it predicts the probability of pairwise functional relationship for any gene pair within individual biological functions.

As described in Huttenhower et al. 2006, we've evaluated this system using a collection of 40 microarray data sets and 200 biological processes. This web site makes the results of this evaluation available for download and provides an online view of the test set predictions based on hierarchical clustering.

Select a biological function from the menu below to view the results of clustering the S. cerevisiae genome using MEFIT's test set predictions within that function as a similarity metric. Alternatively, enter a gene name or ORF identifier to list only functions in which that gene is predicted to be active. For more details, see About MEFIT.

Select a biological function for which to view MEFIT's data...
...or filter the available function list to only thoses processes in which a particular gene is predicted to appear.